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Political Asylum

Under U.S. immigration laws, asylum may be granted to foreigners who are already in the USA and who can establish persecution or a well founded fear of persecution in their home countries based upon their political opinion, race, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social group. Approval of the asylum case by US immigration authorities permits the asylee to apply for permanent resident status in the USA after one year of the approval of the asylum case.

Varga's Immigration Attorneys PLLC offers its clients representation in a wide range of issues related to political asylum. Our services include assistance with filing the initial asylum application, representation at the asylum interview, and full representation during asylum hearings at immigration court. If your case does not get approved by the immigration court, we can also assist you in filing an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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Varga’s Immigration Attorneys PLLC is a private immigration law firm established in Miami, Florida. Our entire team consists of immigrants, who went through the immigration process firsthand.

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