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Green Card Based on 10 year Physical Presence / Deportation Defense

Did you know that US Immigration Law provides, that people in deportation proceedings can apply for a green card in the USA based on 10 years of physical presence in the USA and family ties in this country? The Immigration and Nationality Act provides, that aliens placed in removal proceedings can apply for cancellation of removal and for adjustment of status to permanent resident status if they have lived in the USA continuously for 10 years, if they have a US citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse or child, if they can prove that their deportation will result in extreme and unusual hardship to their relatives and if they were persons of good moral character in the past 10 years. This applies to aliens who entered the country illegally without an inspection. Attorney Varga can advise you on any issue related to how to fight the deportation.

Family Based Green Cards

If you plan to obtain your green card based on your familial relationship with a US Citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder), we've got you covered. Our services include representation in K1 fiancee visa cases, preparation of applications for a green card based on marriage to a US Citizen, representation at the marriage interview and filing of an appeal if your marriage interview does not go well and your case is denied. If you have applied for a green card based on marriage to a US Citizen a long time ago, and the USCIS has not made a decision on your application, we can assist you in urging the USCIS to reach a decision in your case.

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Immigration Law Offices of Matus Varga, Esq. PLLC is a private immigration law firm established in Miami, Florida. Our entire team consists of immigrants, who went through the immigration process firsthand.

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