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E2 is a long-term extendable work visa. It is generally granted to investors from countries that have signed a bilateral treaty with the United States. The period is usually limited on the basis of contractual conditions that are specified by the treaty between the investor’s country and the United States.

The investor is expected to establish a company that will operate business activities in the USA. It will also be the investor’s sponsor for obtaining the visa. The company in the USA and the investor or his employee must fulfill the conditions for achieving the E2 visa.

Requirements for obtaining the E2 visa

The person/persons, who is/are citizens of a country that has the treaty in question with the United States, must own at least 50% of the shares of the American company.

The persons cannot have permanent residence in the United States and also cannot live in the United States on the basis of any other visas apart from the E2 visa.

The investment must come from the investor’s personal funds (or from a loan that is secured by the investor’s assets, ideally from a banking institution). Even though there are no standards that specify how much it is necessary to invest, the investment must be of a sufficient value to lead to the establishment of a lucrative enterprise, which will be able to continue expanding and developing. The company must contribute more than just marginally to the local economy, e.g. the investor cannot only invest enough to just pay for his/her living expenses. In addition to the enterprise paying the investor, the enterprise must also employ American workers and it must make a profit.

The applicants prove that they are qualified to hold the relevant position in the company. The investor’s intention also must be entering the United States solely for the purpose of the management and control of the enterprise.

Length of the process from the submission of the application: 15–30 days in accelerated proceedings, 60–90 days standard

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EB-5 green card through investment

In 1993 the United States government introduced the American Regional Central Program, which is better known as the EB-5 immigration visa, as a method of acquiring permanent residence in the USA by foreign investors.

This case is valid under the conditions that a minimum of 500 000 dollars was invested by foreign investors in areas that have shown a high level of unemployment, or 1 000 000 American dollars was invested into a business that was begun in a geographically approved areas and that offered the potential for the creation of at least 10 permanent full-time job opportunities for American workers; for these foreign investors, as well as for their families, this case would guarantee the right to the bestowal of temporary or conditional green cards at the initial period of two years.

Temporary or conditional green cards are subject to investments lasting for a period of two years, as well as the subsequent implementation of the aforementioned employment requirements. When suitably fulfilling these conditions, the investors become eligible for the issuing of permanent or unconditional green cards – here we mean the EB-5 immigration visa or U.S. Immigrant Investor Program. Nevertheless, during the course of the initial conditional period of two years the holders of EB-5 visas have the opportunity to make full use of the advantages connected with their American stay, with the exception of a permit to accept employment, and they are ultimately enabled to request citizenship of the United States of America.

The process for the submission of the application and eventual bestowment of an EB-5 immigration visa is a demanding process. It is important to adhere to all the currently valid rules in order to ensure that the foreign investor and the American company can benefit on the advantages of the EB-5 visa or US immigrant investor program.

Advantages of the EB-5 immigration program

The EB-5 immigrant visa or American EB-5 program for foreign investors is perhaps one of the most admired immigrant programs being offered throughout the world, particularly with regard to the actual flexibility of the program, just like the ever-increasing desire of foreign investors to emigrate to the safer American markets. In fact the USA does not place any limitations of any kind on the application’s language skills, business training or age, since it is a very simplified program. Permanent residents are not forced to remain physically or continuously in the USA. On the other hand, it enables them to use the advantages and comfort of maintaining professional and business relations with countries of their choice.

How is it possible to acquire an EB-5 green card?

An EB-5 green card can be acquired for making an investment in the scope of $ 500 000 in “targeted areas” or $ 1 000 000 in newly introduced areas.

If you are capable of creating at least 10 full-time jobs for American citizens, then you can become the holder of an EB-5 green card.
The investor’s partner and their single children younger than 21 years of age can also acquire an EB-5 green card together with the investor.

Length of the process from the submission of the application: 2–3 months

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L1 visa

This type of visa was created by Congress in 1970. The purpose was to enable multinational companies or organizations operating on an international level to send their employees or personnel to the USA to work on short-term allocated assignments. The L1 visa is divided into two categories, the L1A visa and L1B visa. Managers are assigned to the category of L1A visas, while L1B visas apply to employees with significant knowledge of the operating of the company (enterprise).

Applicants for an L visa must have at least one year of experience over the course of the last three years and this experience must be made for the sponsoring company.
The applicant must work in key employee/director positions or as a worker with expertise.

Following the expiration of the visa, the holder must leave the USA or arrange for a visa extension.
An overseas company must be directly connected or affiliated with the American company that sponsors the applicant for the L visa.
This visa provides a large opportunity for foreign companies to hire experienced employees for work in the USA and to enable them to be transferred from other branches all over the world.

Length of the process from the submission of the application: 15–30 days in accelerated proceedings, 60–90 days standard

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Difference between L1 and E2 visas (L work visa and E2 visa)

The E-2 investor visa enables you to enter and work in the United States on the basis of investments you manage. The visa must be renewed every two years. There is no limit on the renewal of the visas, but your investment must be “substantial”.

The L-1 visa enables you to enter the United States for the purpose of working under L-1 status. An L-1 visa is primarily a non-immigrant visa. It is only valid for a limited time. This short time can be a time period of from three months to one year. It can be extended, but at most for a period of seven years, though this depends on the country from which the employee enters the United States.

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